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Royal Queen Seed

Royal Queen Seed

Our Vision and Mission

We love to share our passion for cannabis with enthusiastic growers. Our goal is to always provide the best genetics. We offer our support to every grower.

Our motto is simple: If you have passion, it can grow prestigious genetics!

We believe in cannabis and its potential, and want to help growers and consumers gain more insights on this incredible plant.

We breed and select the best genetics capable of satisfying the needs of any consumer, share our experience in cultivation, we use myths and preconceptions related to cannabis and we are always updated on the innovations and research of the industry. We are committed to expanding and helping the community of growers and cannabis enthusiasts, and invest time and resources to promote innovations in the industry.


We at RQS intend to offer exclusively valuable genetics to meet the needs of each grower. All our seeds are selected by hand by plants grown with natural methods, and tested to ensure purity at the genetic level. In addition, we submit seeds to daily analysis, to ensure a leading germination rate in the industry. We distribute products containing purer and more reliable CBD on the market, and we collaborate with organic and environmentally friendly companies.


We at Royal Queen Seeds are constantly evolving. With our dedicated brand RQS Pro, we work on creating high-quality seeds for the professional market while improving the genetics available for each grower.

As a leader in recreational and therapeutic cannabis, we have the tools and power needed to redesign the future of cannabis breeding. With innovation and creativity, we offer a positive contribution to the global cannabis community.

We aim to achieve more stable and pure genetics for the benefit of cannabis growers and consumers. Like any of our customers, we are also excited about future environmental perspectives.

Our Team

The RQS team is lively and passionate. We are cannabis growers, we want to share knowledge and express our dedication to this plant, and we are always happy to help and inform each customer.

Social Media

We are on all the most popular social media platforms, and we are happy to be part of the community. We organize contests and support the most popular cannabis communities.

For us at RQS, staying in touch with customers and sharing experiences is crucial. Modern communication technologies allow us to interact directly with growers, and to consolidate confidence in our brand and our experts.

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As a leader in cannabis cultivation, we have enormous responsibility for the environment. This is why we promote organic and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. We use hemp cultivated with natural methods and we believe the sun is the best and most sustainable light source for our growers.

IT IS All a Question of Cannaother

The history of cannabis, and in particular its consumption and cultivation, is turbulent and exciting. Initially avoided and defamated by traditional culture, then cultivated and consumed by those who belonged to a so-called “subculture”, cannabis was finally widely accepted, and today its popularity is steadily rising.

The group of cannabis enthusiasts is no longer considered “rebel”, but consists of people of all kinds. We at RQS want to gather all under our philosophy: “To cultivate together!”. The goal is to share and spread love for cannabis!

Shops RQS

In addition to our online store, we are present with three physical stores in the European capitals of cannabis.

In the first RQS bottle, located in Damstraat, in the heart of Amsterdam, we offer a wide range of prestigious genetics. Our outlet in Haarlemmerstraat will certainly leave all growers satisfied. Finally, the new point of sale in Barcelona, Spain, is organized as a sort of cannabis museum: here it is in fact possible to admire exotic bong and beautiful hookahs while buying seeds of first choice.

Come and find our friendly and prepared staff, and supply yourself with seeds and accessories for smokers!

History of RQS

RQS Storyline

Prior to the creation of seedbank, in 2007, RQS had a long experience and an arduous passion for breeding. After the remarkable interest aroused by our varieties, we opened the first store in Damstraat, Amsterdam, in 2010.

In 2011 we launched the Royal Queen Seeds website. Encouraged by the continuous demands, we opened an additional store in Amsterdam, in Haarlemmerstraat, in 2015. In 2016 we welcomed the first customers in our shop at Carrer de Pelai in Barcelona, Spain.

Today, RQS operates in 17 European nations, offering over 90 genetics of high quality and cultivation equipment, as well as advice, guides, tips and much more!

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