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T.H. SeedsTM was founded in Amsterdam in 1993 by Adam and Doug and is one of the oldest and most renowned cannabis seed companies in the world.

During its 25 years of existence, T.H. SeedsTM has built a reputation for the creation of seeds Cannahigh-quality biology.

In 1993 they opened the doors of the C.I.A. Cannabis in Amsterdam, A Cannabis Information Center, world-renowned semi-store and immediately after Hemp Works, the first cannabis store in Europe and according to Robert C. Clarke (author: Marijuana Botany, HASHISH) "The epicenter of the cannabis universe".

Also place of birth of the clothing brand in hemp HoodLamb.

It was here that thousands of people from all over the world were introduced for the first time to the cannabis plant and its numerous benefits for humanity.

For more than 25 years T.H. SeedsTM has been part of something larger than just growing legendary cannabis varieties.

T.H. SeedsTM played a fun and creative role in the transition of marijuana from underground counterculture to culture over the counter Pot. T.H. SeedsTM was involved in the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam almost from the beginning.

For over 20 years this event was the single lighthouse, a Woodstock of Weed, for cannabis growers, smokers, medical patients and enthusiasts.

The event, which took place every day of Thanksgiving (end of November) in Amsterdam, attracted visitors from all over the world, who gathered in harmony to celebrate the hemp plant and promote its liberation worldwide.

Naturvisitors also tasted the best varieties offered, participated in the competition Cannabis Cup, they enjoyed the various seminars and shows and returned home in good mood and with a fresh genetic.

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