Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. At that time in Amsterdam, many coffeeshops began selling hashish imported from India, Afghanistan and Morocco and grass from Thailand, Colombia, Mexico or Malawi. Most of this stuff was low-quality. But things were changing, from the U.S. new varieties were introduced which were precocious intersections of already higher quality species. Since then we have been involved in the search for even better quality strains.

This happened in Amsterdam and in several other outdoor locations in the Netherlands. Our aim was to create a better grass, with a sweet/satisfied taste and a stronger “high”, for our personal use.

The result of this has been several new cannabis varieties, and cannabis seeds have been distributed to a number of people to be cultivated. Thanks to the first pioneers like us, Dutch cannabis has become the best in the world and growing it has become increasingly popular. Many foreigners also understood that Dutch cannabis was of the best quality.

Cannabis seeds were brought home in order to cultivate for personal use. At that time our seeds “find their path” towards people in a local coffee shop in Amsterdam.

The question was growing and what had begun as research and experiments for personal knowledge, as well as consecration to the “Gangja shrivel”, became “Paradise Seeds”, a reputable seed bank for those growers who require only genuine seeds and the highest quality.

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