DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics

The development of DNA in southern California soon became synonymous with their brand, something that would permanently differentiate their name from the market and the mainstream industry.

Their deep insight and vision of a global cannabis culture has become a competitive advantage, something that is difficult to match or replicate.

Over the years, DNA has tried to push boundaries and develop new genetics that not only set trends, but allow them to become unique compared to all others on the market.

Win in prestigious events Cannabis Cup as; The High Times Cannabis Cup, Spannabis and also emerging events such as Chalice, The Emerald Cup and ExpoWeed in Chile.

Many of our awards are voted by the general public, which helps to consolidate our intuition in our seed selections and is proof that every package of DNA seeds offers the best in terms of quality, consistency and success throughout the line.

DNA has recently been awarded with the High Times Trailer Blazers Award presented at the first Cannabis Business Summit in the state capital of Washington DC. This award was awarded to companies and individuals who made a significant contribution in combining fields of entrepreneurship, politics and medicine to improve the world through the cannabis industry.

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