Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks in the world, as well as one of the few historical seed companies still active. We offer our customers a wide range of original classic marijuana varieties as well as some of the best new varieties, many of which are available in both normal and feminized versions. We started working in the 1970s, officially founding our seed bank in 1987.

We have built our success on the basis of three fundamental principles.

First of all, we select and produce the best cannabis genetics to give the autonomous grower the possibility of cultivating only a high quality marijuana.

Secondly, we continue to support innovation. In the 1990s we invented feminized seed and, since we introduced autoflowering feminized seeds (AutoFem), we continued to impose the highest standards. A Dutch Passion we have never hesitated to overturn conventional thought to offer better seeds.

And finally, the service we offer to customers is remarkable. We have been on the market for several decades because we offer high quality seeds and reliability, and we count millions of satisfied customers. If you are not satisfied with our seeds, for any reason, contact us and we will see to remedy.

Our seed collection still goes great. We confirm the first and favorite seed supplier for many marijuana growers for recreational or therapeutic purposes thanks to our interest in seed quality and our safe and reliable customer service.

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