Cannarado Genetics

Cannarado Genetics

Being a local in Colorado offered to CannaGenetics seldom many great opportunities in the nascent medical and recreational cannabis market.

CannaHe rarely saw many things in the industry and this led them in different directions.

They made their first intersection in 1998 when their friend brought seeds from Amsterdam. Pot of Gold x Shiva Shanti was the first cross Cannararely ever realized.

Since then, it has been a constant evolution of ideas and creation.

From backcross to branch generations, CannaGenetics rarely worked the plant anyway.

Feminized and regular crosses, they did everything.

Ten years of experience have brought Cannararely here to show the most unique varieties in the world. Using the elite cannabis strains of Colorado and cloning only the elites of the world as a basis to build from that veriety appreciated by all consumers.

CannaHe rarely strives to get the best out of his lights.

The last 2 decades of breeding have been a passion for them as much as sharing their creations.

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