Pandora's Pot vases
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  • Pandora's Pot vases
  • Pandora's Pot vases

Pandora's Pot vases

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Size Pandora's Pot: 10x12x30h (2 liters)

The PANDORA is a patented system that replaces the normal gardening and nursery vessels with foldable modular containers made of light plastic, able to satisfy every need of cultivation: from the production of small plants (from seed or clone), for the growth and flowering of plants, as well as the maintenance of mother plants. Moreover, their versatility makes them suitable for use with any type of substrate and/or cultivation technique (land/coccus/injection for hydroponics).

The advantages PANDORA entails are easy to understand and can be expressed as follows:

Cheaper than traditional vessels

More discreet

More intelligent

Less bulky

Less pollutants

Less heavy

Less expensive transport

The shape of these containers has been studied to allow rational use of the cultivation space by taking advantage of the recovery of the spaces normally spent with the traditional rigid vessels.

This is a significant increase in the volume available to the roots at equal to square meters, a factor not to be overlooked in intensive production as it earns in terms of yield both indoor and outdoor crops.

In practice the perfect modularity and extreme cohesion among the individual elements give rise to the fact that PANDORA is able to recreate everywhere a space similar to a terrarium but with the possibility to separate the individual elements whenever the consumer wants it, for example when a plant gets sick or is less vigorous than the others.

Other advantages of PANDORA not to be neglected are first of all its practicality before, during and after use as it is comfortably washable and archiveable in reduced volumes, in fact a PANDORA folds easily everywhere eliminating thus the encumbrance of the vessels during transport as well as when they are temporarily unused.

It is easy to guess that this point concerns both those who have an activity and have no room for storage both for the simple consumer who can free the storeroom where it usually keeps the vases unused.