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The world of Cannabis and all its derivatives

Greater awareness of citizens towards the issues of sustainable agriculture, freedom of care, food and natural therapies have changed the consumer market and will contribute to greater well-being for all.

The Mission of Sir Canapa is to provide information and awareness to "Break down the wall of ignorance and silence raised against the most important resource on the planet, which has only 4000 years of history" through the accumulated experience, in different sectors of Cannabis and the study of its boundless potential: social, natural, commercial.


The world market for Hemp is rapidly changing shape and increasing its size, despite the serious consequences of prohibition. In recent years, the cannabis sector has seen the largest increase in the United States compared to all other industries. Italy, on the other hand, is lagging behind the most important nations in all sectors of Hemp. However, therapeutic and industrial uses are also consolidating in our country, while on the recreational front, Italy has always been one of the largest European consumers.

The need for a new economy and a development of society radically different from the current one represent extremely topical topics as well as primary and now inalienable necessities. Hemp can and must represent an important piece, an indispensable support in making an incisive and radical change through the development and use of its derivatives that are currently able to replace very well a vast corollary of synthetic and polluting products that we use every day.

Misinformation and the economic interests of the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco sectors, as well as organized crime, have held back the development of a potentially healthy and large market. Today the powers that supported prohibition are giving in to the social phenomenon of Hemp . Italy will have to quickly adapt its laws to those of the most advanced European and world countries.

And we?

Sir Canapa was born in Milan in 2015 and was the first commercial activity in the sector to deal with the entire product sphere of the Cannabis sector, offering opportunities for meeting, dissemination, awareness and information in the form of new events of their kind.

Sir Canapa is the first Hemp Shop in Italy, and through its on-site and e-commerce activities, it not only addresses a commercial purpose but mainly wants to represent a project that can also enhance the Made in Italy, raising awareness, informing and educating about all aspects of a noble plant with multiple uses, Hemp (from the Latin Cannabis), in a period in which the market, consumer awareness, and the continuous need for one more natural lifestyle, push research towards the need for new eco-sustainable resources.

The Logo

The Sir Canapa logo wants to ennoble the Hemp plant and its industry, still subject to negative judgments caused by disinformation. The word Sir is also the acronym for Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis (Autoflowering), the three botanical species of Cannabis known today.


Profit margins in this sector are variable and also depend on central and local regulatory models. The most important companies have been expanding rapidly for some years and new small players have grown up in the fertile Italian and international field of Hemp . The imminent and due change to the Italian law on the different uses of Hemp will significantly increase the size of the market.

In this important historical moment for the social and economic normalization of Cannabis plants, Sir Canapa is addressing a new and aware audience.

To all people who have understood or want to better understand the economic, social and health importance of this plant, Sir Canapa offers a wide choice of products derived from Hemp that cover multiple sectors (food, cosmetic, textile, construction, medical and cosmetic, playful and recreational) and tools for its use and transformation, and above all it offers its spaces as a meeting point and cultural exchange.

Cannabis Light 24h dispenser

Outside the store there is a latest generation self-service dispenser equipped with over 40 types of genetics including inflorescences and semi-finished Cannabis Light products continuously update, operational 24 hours a day. The large LCD touch screen allows an intuitive and immediate use, both for what concerns the product selection phase, facilitated by the presence of preview images and descriptions of the numerous items, and for the payment phase, the latter can be made both in cash and by electronic cards. The distributor distributes change and its use is only intended for people over the age of 18 with a tax code or electronic identity card.

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Our headquarters

Our historical headquarters are located in Viale Umbria 41, Milan. From here it all started. The business officially opened in 2015, not only from a purely commercial point of view, but also hosting conferences, events, and organized evenings on the topic of Cannabis, addressing in a serious and conscious way debates and discussions with esteemed and recognized personalities in the sector. Inside the store it is possible to directly view the countless products on the website catalog by directly benefiting from our staff in order to dispel any doubts and answer any questions on the matter. We will be happy to assist you by providing our knowledge and experience in the field. The particular design of the store and the highly suggestive environment will not make you regret coming to us even just for a simple walk without any commitment.