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The Magic Mushroom User's Guide Italian Edition - DM Tripson
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  • The Magic Mushroom User's Guide Italian Edition - DM Tripson

The Magic Mushroom User's Guide Italian Edition - DM Tripson

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“This is the book I wanted to read before trying magic mushrooms.I would have saved a lot of trouble and a lot of time.”

How many do I take?What?Where?Mushrooms or Truffles?What are the differences?What about Psilacetin?Music?Side effects and contraindications?Where to find them?What about microdosing?These are some of the questions you can find answer in this book.

The Magic Mushroom User’s Guide is three books in one.

The first book is a Quick Guide, a few pages in which you find only the necessary information, useful not only as an introduction to the topic, but convenient to read all the times you need a summary list of the steps to do and not to do.

The second book is an arguing study of the Quick Guide in which we explore more deeply this wonderful and magical world, with many useful and interesting news more.

The third book goes further and allows us to discover how the most advanced scientific research and the oldest spiritual traditions can approach each other also thanks to mushrooms.Here you will find a series of original research on mushrooms, essential for those who want to nurture their understanding of what these magical fruits of the Earth really are.

It is an indispensable text for beginners and very useful for the most navigated explorers of states of consciousness and being.It is a very practical guide, in which the author devotes ample space also to the ceremonial sessions with mushrooms, both in solitary and in group.

“This manual is the perfect choice to meet the Sacred Mushrooms; knowing, respect and trust are the keys to not getting hurt and knowing yourself.”