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Taurus - TRS400 BRx Full Spectrum
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  • Taurus - TRS400 BRx Full Spectrum
  • Taurus - TRS400 BRx Full Spectrum
  • Taurus - TRS400 BRx Full Spectrum
  • Taurus - TRS400 BRx Full Spectrum

Taurus - TRS400 BRx Full Spectrum

Tax included Estimated delivery times 15 days approximately

TRS400 BRx is the high performance Igrox LED module designed for the entire plant growth cycle.With a 410W input power it emits a Full Spectrum light from the effectiveness of 2.9μmol/J and a 1190μmol/s PPF.

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Estimated delivery times 15 days approximately

Taurus strength points:

High effectiveness up to 2.9 μmol/J;

High quality TCI electronic driver;

1-10V dimmable 25% – 50% – 75% – 100%;

Replaceable 200W LED modules;

Easy-to-use Plug &Play mounting.

Quality Made in Italy

Igrox products are Made in Italy, they offer unbeatable quality levels on the market and are perfectly suited to the needs of professional growers but also to hobbyists and beginners.

Igrox luminaires are designed according to the highest standards and meet all relevant legal certifications.The products are regularly tested in the laboratory to ensure the best performance and functionality.

Taurus technical data TRS400 BRx:

Effectiveness: 2.9 μmol/J;

PPF: 1190 μmol/s;

Input voltage: 100-277 V, 50-60 Hz;

Driver (Remote): 480W 220-240V;

Input power:410 W;

Power factor:0.97;

Input current: 50A (max);

THD: 5%;

Covered area: 120×120 cm;

Adjusting lamp inclination:15°;

Water resistance:IP65;

Life: 60,000 h;

Quantity LED modules:2;

Total amount of diodes:Whites 1792;Rossi 64;

Source of light:White Diodes Samsung LM 281B+Pro 2.9 μmol/J / Samsung LH 315 H 4.1 μmol/J red Diodes;

Dimmable: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with dimmer from 0-10V(included);

Thermal management:Passive cooling;

Weight: 9 kg;

Size: 565 x 605 x 105 mm;

Show: Full Spectrum BRx;

BTU (with driver): 1364 BTU/h;

BTU (without driver): 1399 BTU/h.

Package included Taurus TRS400 BRx

2x Taurus BRx LED module;

1x 480W Driver with cables;

1x Dimmer 0-10V;

2x Metal hooks;

2x LED modules installation brackets;

1x Mounting kit: key + brown + gloves.

Data sheet

Copertura della Superficie
Watt per LED

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