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Trim Bin - Tray for Manicure
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  • Trim Bin - Tray for Manicure
  • Trim Bin - Tray for Manicure
  • Trim Bin - Tray for Manicure

Trim Bin - Tray for Manicure

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Ergonomic tray for manicure with 150 micron sieve

Collect the trichomes that detach during the manicure

Trim Bin is a handy manicure holder, made of durable plastic and with the particularity of including a 150 micron stainless steel sieve that will filter the trichomes that detach while cleaning the flowers.

These trichomes will fall and will be collected at the bottom, so that once the operation is finished you can enjoy all the resin that would remain on the bottom, to enjoy a first quality hashish once the work is finished.

This lower tray has a smooth and shiny finish, almost mirrored, so that the resin recovery is very easy, using the antistatic fiber brush provided to recover the trichomes very quickly.

In addition, the two trays fit perfectly, to prevent cannabis trichomes from escaping or flying away during work.

The sieve can be easily replaced when it is damaged or too old and the trays are easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.


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Stainless steel

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