Coni Cream - Hemp Farm
  • Coni Cream - Hemp Farm
  • Coni Cream - Hemp Farm
  • Coni Cream - Hemp Farm

Coni Cream - Hemp Farm

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Quantity: 2g;

CBD: ± 15%

THC: < 0,5%

Weight: 2 gr

Coni Cream of the cooperative Hemp Farm Italia is a collection of hemp tricomi from the fields of members and collaborators of the cooperative. It is dry harvested with 180 micron sieve from different varieties of certified industrial hemp, mainly Futura75 that guarantees a good THC/CBD ratio and a high terpenic thrust of this strain of hemp.

Product not intended for human consumption. Obtained from certified varieties permitted by law 242/2016 and in compliance with the limits of Thc. Do not ingest, do not inhale, keep out of reach of children, forbidden to under 18 years, is not a food or medicinal product. Don't open the box. Detention, opening of the package or use other than the one mentioned above may involve checks and checks similar to those provided for by law 309/90.